Investment Insights - Value or Growth Investing?

Investment style is an important consideration when it comes to constructing your investment portfolio.

The investment industry often talks about ‘different investment styles’ and the importance of ‘blending’ styles to achieve long term growth whilst still managing risk and volatility. 

This article from Perpetual is very effective in explaining the difference between two of the most important styles – value and growth.

This paper, written by one of our preferred fund managers, Perpetual Investment Management Limited, discusses how “one of the great investment debates centres on whether you should be a value or a growth investor."

As a fund manager, Perpetual believe that 'value' investing provides the best chance of success, stating that they "believe there’s more than enough evidence to support the view that value investing has delivered superior returns over the long term."

At Artemas Wealth Management, we believe that the best results can be achieved by implementing a blend of both value and growth investment styles and we include both styles in our portfolio construction process.

To read Perpetual's full article click here.


Blending investment styles is a key element in achieving portfolio returns, particularly in periods of volatility. Any serious investor should ensure that their portfolio risk and volatility is effectively managed to achieve the best outcomes.

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