Transition to retirement: What you need to know

A transition to retirement strategy may give you more flexibility and allow you to take advantage of tax concessions to help you achieve the lifestyle and super balance you want.

Level Premiums: What's driving changes to base rates across the industry?

We support level premiums as a strategy to help your clients manage their insurance premium costs over the long term. But with manufacturers amending level premium base rates, we thought it would be useful to share the key factors that drive level premium pricing.

Protecting you and your family: What you need to know

Insuring your car, home or other possessions makes sense. So why do so few of us insure ourselves? If illness or injury stopped you from working for an extended period, could you keep paying your bills? Personal risk insurance gives you peace of mind that if the unexpected occurs, you and your family will be provided for.

Market Watch: US Election - A Trump Presidency

Donald Trump’s victory in the US Presidential election has sent shock waves across the world. Even many Republicans have been surprised by the party’s unexpectedly strong performance, which is likely to see it keep a majority in both the Senate and House of Representatives, as well as winning the Presidency.

Volatile Times: Is it time to invest for an uncertain future?

In these extremely volatile times the future looks very uncertain. Is it time to invest wisely and safeguard ourselves from a very uncertain future? Here are three reasons why right now, it’s so important to ensure that your money is invested to withstand major market volatility.

The Key Elements of an All-Weather Portfolio

Building a portfolio than can withstand a range of market conditions requires a high level of skill within a discipline known and referred to as Portfolio Construction.

UK referendum: ‘Leave’ wins the day – what next?

The people of the United Kingdom (UK) have voted to ‘Leave’ the European Union (EU). Here we are providing some commentary from Colonial First State Investments on the short-term impacts, the outlook, the positives and the political implications of 'Brexit".

Market volatility: facts and figures

Many investors become concerned when volatility occurs in global financial markets – particularly about the impact on their superannuation and other investments. In times like these, it’s important to understand the causes of market movements and how to minimise your risk.

Risk and return: understanding the basics

When deciding which investments are right for you, it is important to understand the trade-off between risk and return and how to manage investment risk. A risk profile can help identify the type and mix of investments that will best help you achieve your financial and lifestyle goals.

Investment Fundamentals #3:
Risk vs Return

All investments provide a certain level of return and are subject to a certain level of risk. This means that as well as making money on your investments, there’s also the chance you could lose money or not make as much as you expected. All investments carry some risk – due to factors such as inflation, taxation, economic downturns or a drop in a particular market.

As a general rule, the larger the potential investment return, the higher the investment risk and the longer you need to remain invested to reduce that risk. The amount of risk involved with an investment can be managed by matching it appropriately with the length of time you have available to invest and your tolerance towards volatility or fluctuations in returns.